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Hello, and welcome to AccessibleHotels.org.uk

There are over 11 million disabled people in Britain – 40,000 of these have profound or multiple learning disabilities. The vast majority of these people find it difficult to travel due to deficient hotel facilities and spaces.

We believe that the rights of disabled individuals are being ignored, especially when it comes to being able to live and move freely around the country. Although hotels offer standard disabled rooms, they do not meet the needs of people with more complex physical and mental conditions. The lack of equipment and space in hotel rooms makes it even harder for the individual are their carer(s) or family to live and function efficiently and enjoyably.

This is precisely why we launched the Accessible Hotels campaign. Whilst we do recognise the previous efforts of hotels to include disabled access rooms, these are only functional for a select few of the wider disabled community. We want Accessible Hotels to be installed throughout the country to facilitate the needs of more disabled guests.

Without Accessible Hotels, disabled guests are more at risk of accidents in the hotel when trying to move from one place to another. Disabled individuals are also more at risk when driving long distances if there are no Accessible Hotels for them to stay in the local areas. These are often overlooked factors, but we want to change that. With Accessible Hotels, these problems can be solved.

So please, spread the word, and let’s make hotels into Accessible Hotels!

Thank you for your support,

The Team at AccessibleHotels.org.uk

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