About the Accessible Hotels Symbol

When designing the Accessible Hotels logo, we wanted it to be simple and recognisable at a glance. The image itself is fairly self-explanatory; the icon of a bed is widely associated with hotels and similar facilities, and the hoist above it shows accessibility.

However, the purple colour of the logo has a deeper story behind. The colour purple has become synonymous with the disabled demographic over the past 5 years or so. This BBC blog details how the spending power of disabled people is referred to as ‘the purple pound’, and that Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson actually wore a purple jacket when campaigning for welfare reform in Parliament. It appears that purple now stands for unity and power amongst handicapped individuals.

We think that purple is the perfect fit to show how Accessible Hotels are for the wider disabled community, not just a select few.

The Accessible Hotels icon.

If you’re an Accessible Hotel, then you should show the world with pride! Put the logo on your website to let prospective guests know that you are accessible.

To obtain the "AccessibleHotels.org.uk Approved" version of the logo, please contact us and we’ll send it back to you on verification of the specifications of your accessible room(s).