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The Accessible Hotels campaign was established in 2016 with the aim of creating a fairer and more equal society through the facilitation of the needs of disabled people in hotels across the country. All too often, individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities or physical disabilities are limited by the sheer lack of hotels that are completely accessible. The campaign team, along with your help, can change this.

We want there to be an Accessible Hotel in every town and city throughout the UK. Not only will this benefit the business of the hotel by catering to the needs of more customers, it will improve the lives of over 11 million disabled people who currently live in the UK. We want Accessible Hotels to go one step further than the standard disabled access room, and offer facilities for people of varying mental and physical capabilities who are often overlooked and underrepresented. Although we want Accessible Hotels to spread across the country, we would ultimately like to see this become a worldwide movement!

Our vision is that eventually there will be an Accessible Hotel in every town and city in the UK.

Our vision is that eventually there will be an Accessible Hotel in every town and city in the UK.

We were inspired to start the Accessible Hotels campaign after seeing the successes of the Changing Places Consortium. Their goal was to install a Changing Places toilet in every major location throughout the UK, and their success spurred us to create change with Accessible Hotels.

The main sponsor of the Accessible Hotels campaign is Innova Care Concepts. Based in Wetherby, they are an inventive healthcare equipment provider who aim to make patient care as simple and effective as possible. With the invaluable help of their Accessible Hotels specialists, we have all the design layouts and equipment we could possibly need to help hotels take their first steps towards becoming accessible.

About our main sponsor: Innova Care Concepts

Innova Care Concepts is a UK-based company who manufacture, supply & install healthcare equipment with a difference. Their vision is to be the UK’s fastest growing patient care equipment organisation every year. 

Over the past decade, Innova Care Concepts have been introducing a number of world-firsts into the healthcare industry, including the Integralift, the world's only hidden patient hoist which folds away into fitted cabinets when not in use. They've also introduced an advanced ceiling track hoist system, which can be inset into the ceiling for better aesthetics, and uses advanced automatic sensors to eliminate the need for pull-cords and wall switches when using the tracking system. Their AirRise hoist units have also been well-acclaimed for hotel use, thanks to the Advanced Battery Protection System software which ensures the batteries stay in great condition for long periods of time.

For more information, contact Innova Care Concepts on 0345 034 1450 or visit www.innovacareconcepts.com.

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