Become an accessible hotel

If you’re interested in becoming an Accessible Hotel, then well done! You’re taking the first steps towards promoting a more inclusive experience for disabled hotel guests.

We’ve already prepared a range of resources for you to use, and we’ve listed a variety of companies and equipment providers who will be more than happy to help you design accessible hotel rooms and layouts that will tick all the right boxes.

  • Accessible Hotel Room Design Guidelines are available for you to take a look at so that you can understand exactly how your hotel rooms can be completely accessible without looking clinical.
  • Our Accessible Hotel Equipment list will give you a better idea of the right items that should be included in your Accessible Hotel, and precisely why they’re needed.
  • The Approved Care Equipment Manufacturers can provide excellent quality items that will blend into any accessible hotel room with ease.
  • Register your hotel to make sure that you are recognised as an approved Accessible Hotel that can cater to the needs of the wider disabled community.
Become an accessible hotel