Get Campaigning

The key to a successful campaign is spreading the word about it. The more people who learn about the Accessible Hotels campaign, the better. Tell as many people as possible about the cause including what it’s about and who it affects.

Mention the Campaign on Social Media

Post your experiences, comments, and support for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. You could link to a specific page on this website, or include a picture of hotel rooms where you've stayed. Don't forget to use the campaign hashtag #AccessibleHotels!

Use the hashtag #AccessibleHotels on social media to spread the word

Using the hashtag #AccessibleHotels on social media only takes seconds, but could really help move the campaign forward.


Send out the Accessible Hotels Leaflet

Our leaflet details all the important facts and feature about the campaign – click here to download the leaflet (PDF).

You might want to give the leaflet to:

  • Councillors
  • Members of Parliament
  • Hotel managers
  • B&Bs
  • Architects and building planners
  • Local journalists
  • Charities
Download the Accessible Hotels campaign leaflet, print it, and distribute it to as many people as possible!

Anyone can get involved - simply print off the Accessible Hotels campaign leaflet, and hand it out, or even pop it in the post to a key contact you're trying to reach.


Write an Article for a Local Publication

We’ve put together an article template for you to download and use if you’re wanting to write an article for your local newspaper or a magazine. Feel free to add more information and chop and change it as you see fit, make sure to include information regarding why an Accessible Hotel would be good in your local area.

You could contact the editors of newsletters, magazines, and websites to print your article. You might want to look at:

  • Local disability groups or charities
  • Local newspapers
  • Local magazines
  • Local tourism leaflets and guides
Write an article for a newspaper or other publication. You can create your own, or simply amend our template to suit.

Writing an article for a local publication is easy - just download our article template, and amend the wording provided as you feel fit.


Publicise our Website

Add a link to our website and show your support for the Accessible Hotels campaign. Let us know when you’ve added to your site.

Publicise our website by mentioning your support for us on your blog or webpages.

Link to to show your support for the campaign. You could even write a short blog post about us!